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Event Planning Tips to Impress Your Boss and Guests


Event planning takes a lot of skill, smarts and strategy. Between choosing a venue, preparing presentations, and organizing PR efforts, it’s easy to forget the little things that can make a big difference. Here, we’ve outlined the event planning tips that will help you get the most out of your corporate meet or product launch.

1. Email marketing

Communication is key. As soon as you know your event date, start preparing your communication materials. Draft and proofread email confirmations, event reminders, and follow ups. Additionally, make sure to advertise the event in your regular email marketing campaigns. Linking to blog post with more details (date, time, location, speakers, agenda) and information to excite potential visitors will also be beneficial. Plan time to customize your follow up email, with highlights and photos from the event. With early planning and scheduled implementation, your email marketing can work to its full potential.

2. Promotional materials

At OFFSITE, we’re ready to equip your event with notepad and pens. But what else can you have ready for your guests? Whether a creative product launch event or a corporate meet, guests always appreciate a goody bag. If you’re hosting an informational workshop or networking event, emphasize sharing business cards and contact information. Think of your event purpose, your brand and your budget then see how creative you can get with your promotional materials! Some swag favorites include totes, water bottles, to go mugs, screen cleaners, hand sanitizer, frisbees, draw string bags.

3. Social media strategy

Sure you use social media leading up to your event, but don’t forget the during! Don’t just create a hashtag though— engage with followers using replies and retweets! Remember to be especially responsive to questions and concerns. At OFFSITE, there are tons of ways to advertise your social conversation. For example, create a social media photobooth or propose questions on the whiteboards for people to reply on Twitter. Utilize OFFSITE’s high definition screens to create a Storify of Twitter feed. Incorporate your social media strategy throughout your event agenda and surroundings to keep conversation continuous.

4. Food and drinks

Don’t let your guests get thirsty or hungry! Allot time for coffee breaks and networking sessions to keep your group energized and focused. At OFFSITE, we not only offer a variety of refreshments (like soda, coffee, chips, candy and snacks) but we can also partner with your favorite catering group. With mingling time, new relationships will become more meaningful and guests will feel more relaxed. Plan on giving a refreshment break every 2.5-3 hours. And make sure that your lunch break allots enough time for people to eat, check in with other responsibilities, and gather more energy for your next activity!


5. Functioning technology

Uncooperative technology can question your company’s credibility and your event’s quality. Let OFFSITE staff members set up your event tech needs beforehand so every cord, channel, console is in place! But from your end, a classic event planning tip is to bring one printed copy and one backup USB drive of your materials. This way, you can always reference your notes or handle any glitches with grace.


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