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Best Thanksgiving Episodes


Thanksgiving is a time for being with family, relaxing, being grateful, and…watching amazing television. While TV isn’t usually people’s first thoughts when it comes to Thanksgiving, this holiday has inspired some of the best sitcom episodes in history. For some reason, the entertainment content created around Turkey Day is some of the funniest and well-renowned. So, on your days off for the holiday, sit back and relax to watch some of OFFSITE’s best Thanksgiving episodes of television.


Best Thanksgiving Episodes

Best Thanksgiving Episodes


Friends, “The One with the Rumor” – Season 8, Episode 9 


If you want to have a laugh (or many), watching this Friends episode is a surefire way to do so. Featuring Brad Pitt (who was Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green’s real-life husband at the time) we see a whirlwind Thanksgiving day take place in that iconic purple apartment. Monica invites an old friend from high school to Thanksgiving dinner, who Rachel doesn’t remember and Ross is excited to see. She casually mentions that he’s lost weight since high school, but she doesn’t say that he looks like Brad Pitt. Chaos ensues over the special guest’s looks as well as some revelations from the past. 


Funniest Line: “Oh, come on, Will! Just take off your shirt and tell us!”



Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Lockdown” – Season 2, Episode 7


There’s no way to get into the Thanksgiving mood like watching a bunch of people locked in a police precinct, right? That may sound ridiculous, but that is the plot of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s hilarious Thanksgiving episode, “Lockdown”. Just as the officers and detectives of the 99th precinct are about to leave the office to celebrate Thanksgiving, Charles recieves a package in the mail containing an unknown white powder, which officials are concerned could be arsenic. This causes the building to go on lockdown while HAZMAT investigates the substance. Jake is left in charge due to the Captain being away. Hilarity ensues as he and Amy try to keep the staff and perpetrators in custody calm and happy as they spend Thanksgiving locked in a police station.


Funniest Line: “You gotta admit, Boyle really knows how to move his pelvis.”



New Girl, “Thanksgiving IV”– Season 4, Episode 9


Thanksgiving is always entertaining in the New Girl loft and this year does not disappoint. When Schmidt realizes that every person in the loft is single, he sees a major opportunity. Instead of just spending Thanksgiving with each other, Schmidt dubs the day “Bangsgiving” and declares that each loft member must bring in a date for another loft member. A very eclectic group forms and a hilarious impromptu speed-dating like dinner occurs. Perhaps the most interesting of these romances to watch is Jess and her devastatingly handsome coworker Ryan Geauxinue. Jess teeters the line of wanting to make things with Ryan romantic and staying away from him because he is a colleague. With a bunch of guest stars and hilarious side characters, this episode is sure to make you smile.


Funniest Line: “Friends, ex-girlfriends, Winston: months ago I warned you that winter was coming.”



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