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Dress Code Business Casual – Fall Attire


At one time or another, we have all debated whether or not the outfit we have selected effectively meets the “business casual” dress code standard.

Let’s step back for a minute here. Could it be that “business casual” really means exactly what it sounds like? Yes! Think about it, you are going to a business related event, meeting, or function. First word –  business, you are expected to look nice and professional. Second word – casual, this word means you are not expected to wear a full suit, applying to both women and men.

Although this makes it all seem quite simple, there are still some clothing items that are up for debate when it comes to pushing the business casual boundaries too closely or the opposite – overdressing for the event. So, to lay it all out for you, below you will find:

 3 popular clothing items that you can incorporate into your: dress code business casual, attire this fall.

1. Jeans

When it comes to business casual, jeans tend to be elephant in the room, not because they are always unacceptable to wear, but because everyone thinks so hard about whether or not they are acceptable to wear.

If do you decide to wear jeans, the darker the better.  For women, a low pair of heels, a sharp blazer and the right jewelry can transform your favorite jeans into a classy business casual outfit. For men, dress up your jeans with a button down, belt and matching shoes.

dress code business casual

2. Sweaters

As the cold season approaches, don’t forget about this handy and versatile clothing item! Sweaters are considered a closet staple. We’re not suggesting you show up in a distracting argyle print every day, but a simple sweater that you can wear time and time again is a must have.

For women, a longer, flowy sweater works great with the right, dark, pair of jeans and heeled boots, or a skirt with stockings for a fancier look. For men, a plain colored v-neck sweater with T-shirt underneath, or even collared button down visible at the neck and sleeves underneath, is a clean cut look. Add a tie to fancy it up if needed!

dress code business casual

3. Vests

The last piece of clothing on our list is a great “outfit completion” item. Vests are an appropriate way to add a layer to your outfit (for the cold), while still maintaining a fashionable business casual look.

For women, wool, fur, and suede vests are all excellent and appropriate options for fall. Layer up! For men, vests tend to work well with collared shirts, feel free to add a tie if you can get the patterns right.

dress code business casual

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