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Group Office Halloween Costumes


Halloween at work can be tricky. Are you going to show up in a bunny costume and be the only one dressed up? Or, will you decide against a costume this year only to find the whole office dressed up and be labeled as boring? To avoid either of these less-than-ideal situations, you can coordinate a group costume. This assures that everyone in the office is on the same page about getting dressed up for Halloween and can also create a group camaraderie as well as fun picture and social media opportunities. Check out OFFSITE’s ideas for group office Halloween costumes if you need some inspiration!



Group Office Halloween Costumes



Part of the fun of Halloween is getting to live out a fantasy. Many people use this opportunity to pay homage to their favorite characters such as cartoons or superheroes. Characters are a very fun and convenient costume to do as a group, since you can pick a specific TV show, movie, comic, etc. and have each colleague dress as a different member of said squad. Is everyone in your office talking about the latest season of Stranger Things? Coordinate a group Halloween costume by assigning the roles of Eleven, Hopper, Mike, Dustin, and even the Demogorgon to the office employees. Or, you can be super meta and have your office dress as characters from The Office. If you don’t want to be so specific, you can do more general characters such as Smurfs, Trolls, or Minions.



Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the other holidays as well. Take a creative stance on said celebrations by having each person in the office dress up as a representation of a holiday. Someone can be Thanksgiving, New Years, Fourth of July, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, etc. This is an ideal group costume because people can get as creative and put as much effort into it as they want. If Joe from accounting isn’t too into Halloween, he can put on a red and green outfit and a Santa hat and pull of a Christmas costume. Conversely, if Joanna is highly creative and loves Halloween, she can come in a full-out cupid costume to represent Valentine’s Day.


Other People in the Office

A super fun way to celebrate Halloween in the office and have a laugh with your coworkers is to dress as each other. To do this, you would need to have secret-santa-type of name drawing where each person gets assigned another person in the office discreetly. Then on Halloween, each employee must come dressed as their version of the coworker they were assigned. You can then have the group guess who each person is. The key to this idea being successful is keeping it kind and lighthearted. In other words, highlight the fun and unique parts of the person you are dressing up as without being mean or hurtful. If your coworker has red hair and wears a sweater vest everyday, come in with a red wig and your own sweater vest. Or, if a coworker is always talking about Die Hard, come in with a Die Hard poster taped to your back. As long as it’s something the person and the rest of the office will happily laugh it, this can be one of the most fun and entertaining group office Halloween costumes. 


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