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Short Team Building Activities, for Coworkers!


Bringing colleagues closer together as a company or department is one of the best ways to increase productivity. However, we understand that not every organization has the time or funds to orchestrate corporate events designed to unite employees. Instead, consider gathering around the table and using some short team building activities to help your departments get to know each other better and share a laugh or two in the process.

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5 Short TeamBuilding Activities

1. Concentration

This fun, short team building activity requires 15-20 people and a few goofy props like feather boas, top hats, and sunglasses. Split the group evenly in half and form two lines of people facing each other. Hand out some silly props to Line 1 and give Line 2 exactly one minute to study the features of Line 1. After a minute, Line 2 must turn around and close their eyes as Line 1 opts to rearrange their order and props in any way they choose.

When Line 1 is finished rearranging, Line 2 is given five minutes to correctly identify any changes made. After they have identified them, it is time to switch turns!

2. Two Truths and a Lie

This age-old game is one of the best short team building activities because it requires no equipment and can be done in almost any setting. To be successful, a group should have at least 10 participants. Each member of the group must say two truths and one lie about themselves with a straight face. The rest of the group members must guess which statement was the lie.

This is a fantastic way for department members to get to know more about each other and have some good laughs along the way.

3. One Question

Although icebreakers usually elicit a series of groans, this “one question” version promises to be one of the more thoughtful short team building activities. Have a group of about 20 people partner up, preferably with someone they do not know or frequently work with.

A team leader gives a scenario, such as “babysitting,” and the partners must each ask each other one single question that they believe would determine whether or not the other would be suitable for the job. Not only does this get colleagues strategically thinking, it is sure to get more giggles than groans.

4. Beach Ball

Bring some sunshine and beach vibes into your office with this variation of typical outdoor short team building activities. First, purchase an inflatable beach ball and write some questions of your choosing on each section. Depending on your company culture, the questions can range from simple icebreakers (What is your hometown?) to quirky (Name a song you can’t stand and why.)

The beach ball game can be played with anywhere from 8-15 people. To play, members bop around a beach ball in the air until the leader says stop, and whoever is holding the ball must answer the question closest to their right pinky.

5. Office Trivia

Last, but not least on our list of short team building activities, is classic office trivia. Have a team leader create either a fun online presentation or some good ol’ fashioned flash cards filled with questions like, “What is the hometown of our CEO?” and “Exactly how many employees does this company have?”

Questions about office history and lifestyle help to unite departments and show colleagues that the office can be a place of fun as well as a place of work.
What are some other short team building activities you have found successful? Comment below!

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